Your attorney must always be willing—and able—to bring the best people together to achieve success. Let us bring the best experts and leaders together to work for you.

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Your attorney must understand that results are achieved through steadfast preparation and that nothing can substitute for experience. As is often said, "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

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A lawyer's reputation is built over decades. It is essential that you not only be willing to place your trust in your attorney, but that your attorney be trusted by their peers and have earned a reputation of knowing how to get results.

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In today's environment, almost all disputes are multi-tiered and complex. Your attorney must be creative in order to achieve solutions to the most complex problems.

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There is a difference. Our approach will provide you with better service, advice and results. Let us show you.

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1.0 Our Firm

Above all else, a lawyer must be a client's trusted partner. Orphanides & Toner, LLP, is founded upon that principle. Orphanides & Toner knows that effective counsel can only be given after taking the time to truly understand the client, their unique situations and their goals.

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OTLLP Attorney Michael McIlhinney Honored with Harris Ominsky Award

Orphanides & Toner LLP real estate attorney Michael P. McIlhinney received the Harris Ominsky ...

Paul Toner Joins Distinguished Panel to Discuss Act 135

On December 2nd, Paul joined a distinguished panel on the current status of Act ...
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